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Main Features of Inferoo

Here's just a few of our core features but there's a lot more to discover.

Calendar events

See what's planned for the day.
You can link multiple Google calendar accounts to have all your work and personal events in one place.

Birthday reminders

Avoid forgetting to order a gift in time with a little heads-up 7 days in advance of their birthday.

Weather forecast

Get a sense of what mother nature has in store so you know whether to straighten your hair, pack an umbrella or sunglasses (or both).

News headlines

Stay up to date with current affairs from a range of news sources, tailored to your preferences.

About Us

Our story

With an ever-increasing abundance of information online, it's becoming harder to sift through the noise and get at what's important to us.

In 2019 an idea ruminated around an email dashboard that would synthesise highly personal data and deliver it daily ready for when you wake up. The humble email would avoid the trap of infinite scrolling and distractions of promoted content.

This idea was realised as a prototype which quickly evolved into a beta-quality product that seemed to resonate with those that beta tested it.

Inferoo is now maturing steadily whilst sticking to the guiding principle of serving you content that matters without distractions. It'd be great if you could join us on our journey.



Inferoo's free for now whilst we're still in beta. We'll provide ample notice if and when we choose to charge.

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Frequently asked questions

Currently only Google Calendar is supported.
Yep, Inferoo has been designed to straddle your business and personal life so we support multiple calendar imports
You have control over what location we use to collect the weather forecast. We use Google's geo lookup for location search and Darkskies for the forecast info.
We have a huge list of popular news providers but if you can't find your preferred news provider, let us know and we'll look to add it.
Currently it's 6am for your locale.
Lovely, we're all about feedback so we'd love to talk. We look at requests with a lens to best serve the wider userbase.

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